What Is RSC Chain?

High-performance saw chain with low vibration that is designed for professional users that want extremely high piercing and cutting performance while maintaining a low inclination for chattering. It is available in a number of different lengths.

The Roller Supported Chain (RSC) is a safe and dependable alternative to gliding solutions in cases where installing a gliding solution is impossible due to exceptionally long trip lengths or significant friction, as is the case in many industrial applications. Because the RSC is on rollers, the upper trough does not glide over the lower trough in the same way that a typical trough would glide over it.


The rollers, which are located on the carrier’s side, are supported by ball bearings, which allows for extraordinarily long travel distances while requiring far less driving force. It is estimated that the strain and thrust are 90 percent less when compared to gliding setups.

Cable carriers on rollers provide a safe and dependable alternative in situations where a gliding system cannot be fitted due to extremely long trip lengths or high friction, for example. Unlike the RSC, the upper run on the RSC does not glide on the lower run; instead, it rides on rollers. They are supported by roller bearings positioned on either side of the cable carriers, allowing for extremely long travel distances while using significantly less drive power than conventional designs. When compared to gliding arrangements, the tensile and push forces are reduced by up to 90%.

If the rollers become worn, they can be readily replaced during routine maintenance. Because of this, the time-consuming and expensive replacement of the entire cable carrier is no longer necessary. Visual checks are made simple by slits in the channel, and the rollers are easy to reach and replace. This reduces the amount of time spent on maintenance and repair operations.

Suitable for any and all essential trip distances. The tensile/push pressures are 90 percent lower than with a gliding configuration, resulting in a significant reduction in drive power requirements. Operation is quiet and low-vibration. Short loop overhang — the shortest possible station length – allows for space reduction and cost optimization. Profile lengths that are adaptable to your connecting points are available.

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