What Is Chainsaw Sharpening Cost?

Your chainsaw chain will ultimately wear out, depending on the type of wood you’re cutting and how often you do it. Cutting down trees or timber with a dull chainsaw is exceedingly difficult. Does it, on the other hand, pay to get your chain sharpened? Or do you need to go out and get a new one immediately?

While’s worth it to sharpen your chainsaw chain since a sharp chainsaw chain is more convenient to use. Chains with sharp blades cut wood more easily and with more precision. The cost of resharpening a chainsaw chain is minimal.


When Should I Sharpen My Chainsaw Chain?

When you realize that your chainsaw isn’t cutting as well as it used to, it’s time to get it sharpened. Investigating the sawdust is another option. The chainsaw has to be sharpened if you observe little bits or fine wood dust. It’s not necessary to sharpen your chainsaw every time you use it, however.

In other words, how can you tell if your chainsaw’s chain needs to be sharpened? Some warning indications that it’s time to sharpen your chainsaw can be found in the following list. These are a few examples:

  1. Chainsaws produce fine sawdust rather than huge chunks of wood.
  2. You must exert force to get it to cut through wood.
  3. When the chainsaw smokes even after you’ve greased it and checked the chain tension, this is a sign that something is wrong.
  4. Uneven cuts are made by the chainsaw. It’s a sign that your chain’s cutting teeth are uneven or the teeth are dull on one side.

Make sure to inspect the chainsaw after each use to see whether it is dull or missing teeth. Avoid any activity that could dull or harm your chain in order to extend the chain’s life. Among them are:

  • Inflicting damage on soft tissue by striking something solid like glass or concrete.
  • The chainsaw was kept in a bad way. Never leave your chainsaw near water or other sources of moisture, as this might cause the chainsaw to rust.
  • Insufficient chainsaw lubrication.

How Do You Know If a Chainsaw Is Sharp?

Examining the chips and sawdust produced by your chainsaw can help you determine whether or not it is sharp. In order for the saw to be considered sharp, the sawdust must be gritty or contain large chunks. If your chainsaw isn’t sharp, you’re more likely to get fine, slick sawdust from it. 

Chainsaw action is smooth, efficient, and effective: When using a saw, don’t put too much pressure on the blade. The timber should be pulled through by the chainsaw.

Simple positioning and cutting: Even with the engine running, a sharp chainsaw will not become caught in wood. Stable and steady, it will pierce through the wood without swaying or going off course.

How Much Does It Cost to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

Chainsaw chain sharpening prices vary from shop to shop. The chain can usually be sharpened for less than $30 at most tool shops (AUD).It costs $15 to have your chainsaw chain sharpened by Canberra Diamond Blade if you bring your chainsaw in with you (AUD). Obviously, the number of cutters makes a big difference in this equation. We would gladly remove and reinstall your saw’s chain for an extra charge.

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