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If you are looking for Best Cordless Power Chain saw, you are in right place. In our Power Tools Bible, we have mentioned only the best of all chain saws in one place so you can compare them all easily and efficiently. You can check the chainsaws pros and cons here. Power Chain saw is a healthy investment to upgrade your tool kit and you must be a serious for it but often we have seen that people buy some useless products and then they go against this powerful machine. 

This machine is much useful, from commercial point of you to the household use, even if it’s your small DIY projects or for your yard work to clear the unwanted trees and bushes. Power Chain saw is a great tool to have in your kit and it surely upgrade you to the next level. Cordless Power Chain saw is a great choice when you are looking for a Chainsaw as it provides you a lot of maneuverability and you can take it to anywhere with you. Good Battery Life, machine quality is the charging time is a must thing to check before buying the Cordless Power Chain saw.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the best of the best from the top makes to the one who are just like the top ones but are underrated.  We will filter out all the information for you on one place to make your purchase easy. Specifications pf the power chain saw will also be discussed. Let`s check out who among the thousands of best power chain saws makes it up to our Power Tools Bible List of Best Cordless Power Chain saw

GreenWorks G-Max is a best cordless power chainsaw. Greenworks G-Max Chainsaw has Lithium-Ion technology that is more efficient and way better than nickel-cadmium battery or alternative powered source chainsaws. The best thing about the cordless chainsaw is they makes your life much more comfortable and allows you free movements while working. 

G-Max has innovative brushless motors that have 80% longer life and up to 30% more torque, which also creates lesser vibrations and makes fewer wear and tear, increasing the lifespan of the tools. GreenWorks G-Max is best chainsaw if you are a first-time user or even a veteran. It is easy to manage a cordless battery powered chainsaw than a corded or gas chainsaw that makes a lot of fumes and smokes, not to mention that creates pollutions for Mother Earth.

G-Max produces less sound. It has increased safety features like low kickback and chain break that is much important for the users Safety. G-Max electronic chain brake prevents the accident from kickbacks. This Cordless Chainsaw is a best outdoor power tool for homeowners who wants to work hours in yard as it has a medium weight. Its lightweight features provide easy maneuverability and control. The high-efficiency motors create high cutting performance with the help of 16-inch steel chain and bar. 

Pros and Cons




    • Cordless
    • Lithium Battery Powered with Good Battery Backup
    • Additional Safety for kickback
    • Brushless Motors
    • Low Vibrations and Noise
    • Improved Handling and Rear Handle
  • Chain Brake Lags some times



Greenworks G-Max Cordless Power Chain saw is an improved quality chainsaw with 16-inch size, lithium battery, and brushless motors, making it best among the top quality chainsaws. The additional safety features are much needed and provides a vital role in safety in case of any mishap. Rear Handle design is very comfortable and levelize the weight of the chainsaw equally which provides extra control and easy maneuverability and user can work for more time without tiring.

Makita XCU03Z is a professional-grade electric power cordless chainsaw. Which means you don’t have to wear cord with your machine everywhere to use it or you don`t even have to carry to much weight and deals with all the smokes and fumes of a gas powered chainsaw. Makita XCU037 has the same speed and power like a gas chainsaw but with a more advanced technology.

It has 2 batteries of 18V and the best part is these are 36 Volt Lithium Powered Battery which is much better than nickel-cadmium batteries and are easy to handle. Lithium Batteries have considerably better charging speed, so these are charged fast and remains for long as well. Makita XCU037 36Volt battery-powered chainsaw has high power efficiency and run time.

Design of Makita XCU037 is also very interesting. It has outer rotor Brushless motor direct drive system and high power efficiency up to 32CC gas-powered chainsaw. It also provides controllable speed for different type of operations so you can set it according to your need and project requirements. Makita XCU037Z is also providing various LED placed on the Chainsaw so you may know the On/OFF switch and it also has an automatic power shutdown option that saves battery and extend battery life. 

This chainsaw also has some amazing additional features for security like a Built-in lock-off lever that prevents the blade in case of accidents. Makita XCU037Z compact design gives the user more comfort for the operating chainsaw and improved maneuverability that improves the performance. The rear handle also provides more grip. Due to Makita brushless motor design this chainsaw has very less vibrations and noise. 

Makita also has very low maintenance and is very easy to maintain the machine. Other primary operations which makes Makita best among the top best power tool list of our power tool Bible are its automatic chain lubrication and viewable oil filling port. Viewable Oil Filling ports is much helpful in checking the oil level of the chainsaw. STAR Protection protects it against overcharging, overheating, overloading, and XPT (Extreme Protection Technology makes it a perfect professional tool for rigid and harsh weather and operating conditions

Pros and Cons




  • Electric Brakes
  • Quicker Charge Time
  • LED Indicators
  • Dual Batteries
  • Auto Chain Lubrication and Adjustments
  • Comfortable Rubber Grips
  • Variable Trigger Option
  • Brushless Motors (Noise-Free, fewer Vibrations)
  • STAR Protection


  • A Bit Expensive



Makita XCU037Z is a professional grade cordless power chain saw. It has the updated technology and innovative new technical and security features, which means you have to pay for the component’s extra quality, which makes it expensive. This one is the best power chainsaw with all the latest safety and auto features with the most updated technology. 

You are getting one of the best machine with all the features available and this chain saw is recommended for rigid weather conditions as well as all kind of work either it is commercial scale or you want to play with the unwanted bushes or trees in your backyard and you can take it anywhere with you as Makita XCU037Z is portable and its heavy lithium battery lasts hours.

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DeWalt DCCS620P1 is one of best cordless power chain saw. It is best suitable for construction, outdoor yardwork or any other projects. Its compact design has 12-inch blade size and is enough to cut a tree trunk or branches up to 10 inches in diameter. Dewalt is also compact enough to control and handle easily for long time projects, specially designed for construction and other outdoor cutting applications. It is highly efficient due to the brushless motors that maximize run time and motor life.

You can buy DeWalt Max Pro DCCS620P1 with a battery and charger and even corded versions are also available but the cordless version is always recommended as its provide extra maneuverability and you can take it anywhere without having to think about the power source. Its lithium-ion battery is a trusted power source that replaces weaker nickel-cadmium batteries. These lithium-ion batteries take less time for charging than nickel-cadmium batteries. 

This chain saw has a tool-free chain tensioning system and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force. The cool thing about this best power chain saw is that it comes with an auto oiling system that keeps the saw chain and guide bar lubricated continuously and you don`t have to worry about the oiling and lubrication before use every time. DeWalt Power Chain Saw Chain speed is 25.2/second, and it also provides many features in its kit which you can add or subtract according to your requirement and budget. 

Dewalt is a low maintenance chainsaw and is very light weight compared to the gas chain saws and other heavy duty machines of this type so you can work hours on this cordless portable chain saw without tiring for hours. This machine is highly recommended for commercial practices and even if you want it for heavy duty projects and unwanted trees or bushes. You can always rely on this chainsaw for all kind of applications.

Pros and Cons




  • Good Battery Life and Timing 
  • Light Type
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Auto Oiling System 
  • Tool-Free Chain tensioning and Bar Tension Knobs 


  • Low chain speed than its competitor



DeWalt DCCS620P1 is the best value chainsaw with a 20V Lithium-Ion battery that easily lasts all day without affecting the power output. It is portable, handy, and convenient for medium cutting jobs.

Black & Decker is a cheap and powerful cordless power chain saw. It is a best power tool even with the low budget. This is especially recommended for light use, and for those who are beginners and do not have much experience in using a heavy-duty chainsaw. Black & Decker LCS1020B has 20 Volt Lithium battery which makes it a good cordless power chainsaw as you can rely on a good lithium powered source than a nickel-cadmium battery.

Black + Decker’s has a compact lightweight design, that makes it easy to use and provides excellent maneuverability and control. It has a total weight of around 7 lb only. This version has a lot less weight than any other chainsaw of this size, especially gas-powered chainsaw. It can easily cut through a 10-11″ tree, and even you can use it for hours without feeling any fatigue. 

Black + Decker power Chain saw has tools free blade tension system that makes it easy to use with swift adjustments. Its blade handle has a very interesting and comfortable design which provides reasonable control. Black + Decker Power Chain Saw`s this version also has an improved oiling system with a clear gauge oil level window, so you can always check the oil status without using any efforts or tools.

This model does not have any automatic lubrication system so you might have to make some extra efforts for lubrications, but that is a good trade off when you are paying this price. You can buy LCS1020B with or without battery options, which one can choose according to the requirements but who go for a corded chain saw when you know so many perks of cordless versions, but that’s a choice for you. It also has a user-friendly feature like tool-free chain tension adjuster that is very helpful and saves a lot of accidents. This Black and Decker 20-volt Max cordless chainsaw is sold on its own or with a battery pack and charger.

Pros and Cons




  •  Affordable
  • Light-weight
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Available with/without battery
  • Smooth Cutting and Fast Cuts


  • Recommended for Light Duty Job



The BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B is a 10-inch 20v Lithium Powered Chainsaw. It is one of the best cheapest chainsaws on Amazon that has a compact design. It is lightweight, easy to use, and best for light-duty non-commercial work. This is much recommended for those who want to buy a professional-grade machine with less expertise as this one provides a relatively close experience to a heavy-duty power chain saw. 

It has a comfortable grip and lightweight makes it easier to use even for women. You can work on this for hours without tiring. LCS1020B is highly recommended for DIY projects or your yard works. You can play with this little devil in your yard for hours and can clear all the unwanted trees and bushes easily in very less time and effort.

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Worx WG322 is an amazing cordless power chain saw. Worx has some of the amazing collection of the chainsaws with a lot of different features but Worx WG322 is one of the best, fastest and powerful chainsaws without any cord and gas which creates a lot of pollution, fumes and smokes. 

Worx has automatic chain tensioning system that always create well balanced tensioning between the bar and chain to increase the efficiency. This also play a very important role in increasing machine life and makes it a low maintenance chainsaw. It also has automatic tool-free tension system that ensures you will always have correct pressure while working.

Worx WG322 is also compatible with 20V and 40V tools. This version comes with an auto chain lubrication system, which makes clear and efficient cuts and extends the devices’ lives and saves you from a lot of extra efforts. WG322 also comes with an oil level indicator so you can check and know exactly when it needs to fill up. All these features are less commonly available in one chainsaw in this price.

WG322 is a 10-inch chain saw that is recommended for all kind of backyard jobs, small projects. Its compact design is very easy to use and provides extra control. The best thing is you do not need a lumberjack to operate this chain saw. Worx WG322 has an industrial-quality 3/8″ chain pitch, and Bar & Chain Sheath that provides an extra safety and protection during use and storage. This version has a medium weight but its design is sleek and easy to handle than standard bulky chainsaws. 

A good grip is what makes a chainsaw easy to use and control for hours of work and it has a great grip for control. Interesting fact is this tool is also used to powers other heavy-duty saws. This chainsaw is enough to handle all kind of backyard projects like chopping tree limbs, branches or any other DIY projects.

Pros and Cons




  •  Automatic Chain Tension
  • Cordless
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication System
  • Good Size
  • Medium Weight
  • Less Maintenance


  • Lesser Safety Features



Worx WG322 is a fantastic cordless chainsaw with very low maintenance and is easy to use and control even for the new persons who do not have any experience in operating the heavy duty chainsaw. It is portable and highly recommended for home lawn or yard operations. 

This power chain saw has automatic chain tension and lubrication system and a clear gauge to check the oil system, which brings it to our list of the top best 10 power chain saw. Price is also reasonable compared to other top name brands.


Chain saw is a very professional machine that will make your life very easy. It is very useful for all type of commercial practices as well as for DIY home projects or yard work. We have covered all types of chainsaws in our power tools bible. You can also click on the links to check out Top 10 Battery operated (Cordless) Best Power chain saw or the chainsaws with the most reviews here.

 In Power Tools Bible, our research team spents many research hours to filter out the best information for our readers. We have sourced and filtered all the useful information about the best power chain saw in one place for you. 

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