How to Make Wire Coils with Variable Speed Power Drill?

Wires are bent into coils to be used for different purposes. A major purpose of these wire coils is in jewellery products.

There a lot of ways to bend wires into coils. Most common method is using a variable speed power drill to bend wires into coils.

So if you also want to make a wire coil using a variable speed power drill, then you are the right place. Today we will teach you how you can make a wire coil with variable speed power drill. So read with concentration to make a beautiful wire coil without any heavy duty products and going through challenging processes.

A variable-speed drill with an adjustable clutch provides you with the freedom to drill through a range of materials and with a variety of bit sizes and shapes.

Drilling softwood, hardwood, metal, and masonry all need a different speed and torque, sometimes known as rotational force, than drilling other materials. Reduced speeds and increased torque are required for harder materials and bigger bits.

First of all, you need a variable speed power drill. Then you should find a plain drill bit with holes in it that will be used to hold the wire. Now grab a wire that you want to turn into coil.

Pass the one side of the wire into the whole and the other side of the wire firmly. Now turn on the power drill and set its speed to the lowest possible. Keep holding the wire and make sure the wire does not turn with the rotating drill bit.

Now from the side that was in the hole of drill bit, the wire will start wrapping around the drill bit in a circular spring shape. Once you get the desired length of the coil you can now switch off the power drill.

Now take wire cutter and cut the wire that is in the hole of drill bit. Now only your wire coil will remain wrapped around the drill bit. Remove the coil from the drill bit and cut out the extra wire from the coil using a wire cutter.

Your wire coil is ready to go now!

So this was our well explained comprehensive guide on how to make wire coils with variable speed power drill. Hope you got everything that you were looking for. Keep visiting us to read more amazing informational blogs.

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