How To Adjust A Poulan Chainsaw Carburetor?

With a tool, you can modify the idle speed of a Poulan chain saw carburetor, which allows you to increase or reduce the idling speed. Though it is adjusted appropriately at the factory, modifications may be required if the engine runs poorly, dies, or runs at a high rate of acceleration.

Engines that run at too high a speed can be destroyed or run inefficiently, depending on the situation. Slower-than-normal engines will stall and quit, and they will need to be restarted several times throughout their life cycle.

When it comes to chain saws and other two-cycle engines, carburetor adjustment is crucial. An adjustment that is too rich will cause a saw to smoke, have insufficient power, result in increased carbon buildup, and may even cause the engine to break down completely. It is also more likely that an adjustment that is too lean will lead to engine damage through lean seizure if the engine is not given enough fuel and air.

Carburetors that are properly adjusted will allow the saw to create maximum power, increase the duty cycle of the engine, emit little smoke, idle smoothly, rev up gracefully, and provide years of trouble-free service.

Carburetor Function

In the same way as a carburetor on an automobile or other small engines works, a Poulan chain saw carburetor works in the same way. This can be accomplished by increasing the proportion of fuel and oil in the air mixture, or it can be accomplished by decreasing the proportion of fuel and oil to air in the engine mixture.

Problems with Idle Speed

When a carburetor fails to start after being started, is difficult to start, or fails to start when under load, adjustments must be made. In these instances, it is necessary to increase the fuel and oil ratio in relation to the air. If the chain saw appears to be running too richly, it will rev at high speeds and create a high-pitched sound, indicating that it is. In this instance, a leaner mixture should be used in order to avoid engine failure.

Safety must be prioritized

Before you can adjust the carburetor on your Poulan chainsaw, make sure it’s on a flat, level surface with the chain hanging over the edge, or clear the area of anything that might get in the way of the chain. Because the chain will be moving during the adjustment process, you should wear personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, long sleeve shirts, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and leather gloves to avoid injury.

Adjustments for High and Low Speeds

To modify the idle speed of the carburetor, look for the idle speed screw labelled with a “T” that is located immediately above the priming bulb. Start the chain saw as you normally would and let it to idle for a few minutes, making that the chain does not come into contact with anything.

If the engine is idling too slowly, insert a tiny flat-head screwdriver into the idling speed screw and crank it clockwise to boost the engine speed if necessary. Start twisting the screw counterclockwise when the chain starts moving and continue until the engine idles without dying and the chain stops moving at the appropriate idle speed for the vehicle.

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