How To Get a Broken Drill Bit Out of Concrete?

Masonry drill bits are needed for drilling holes in concrete. It all depends on what type of drill you have. When using hammer-type drills, you’ll need to use bits with blunt tips. Regular concrete bits are used by most conventional Rotary Drills.

The drill bit will eventually break if you don’t allow the concrete to exit the hole while you are drilling. In order to remove a drill bit from a concrete hole, it is necessary to determine whether the bit broke above or below ground.

  1. Use the canned air to blow air directly into the hole. Using a chisel to scrape away some of the concrete dust around the drill bit will help.
  2. To secure a bit that has broken off above the surface, use a pair of vise grips with their jaws closed around it. Grasp the bit as close to the work surface as you can. Turn the vise grips counterclockwise to remove the drill bit. If the bit gets stuck while removing it from the concrete, blow some air into the hole.
  3. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, insert the jaw tips into the hole if the bit broke below the work surface. The needle-nose pliers can be used to try and grab the end of the bit. If the bit cannot be reached with the needle-nose pliers, enlarge the hole slightly with a different drill bit. Drill only to the point where the broken piece is located.
  4. Use the canned air to expel the air from the hole. The needle-nose pliers can be used to grip the end of the drill bit. Remove the bit from the hole by twisting the pliers counterclockwise.

The Drip Cap

  • When it comes to drilling holes in concrete, masonry drill bits are required.
  • The drill bit becomes stuck and eventually breaks if you don’t allow the concrete to exit the hole as you drill.
  • Needle-nose pliers can be used to remove the broken drill bit by inserting its jaw tips into its hole. If this is not possible, you may need to make the hole slightly larger with a new drill bit.

Alternate ways to remove the drill bit that is broken

Everything from metal to concrete to steel to brick and wood to bamboo and a cast iron drill bit can be treated with this one method.

Loosen the broken bit

To begin, use a can of compressed air or a blower to blow air into the hole. It will aid in loosening the splintered section. Remove any dust or dirt from the area surrounding the drill bit.

Retrieving the drill bit that isn’t sticking

Grab the broken piece with a nose needle pliers or locking pliers if it is on the surface and easily accessible. Afterwards, turn the broken piece counterclockwise while simultaneously pulling on it. Eventually, you’ll be holding the broken drill bit in your hands.

Drill into the bit

A slightly larger diameter drill can be used if the Needle Nose pliers can reach the broken piece. Drill until the broken bit is completely removed from the drill bit.

Remove the broken bit

Using a blower or canned air, blow the dust out of the hole. Now, using a Needle Nose Pliers, turn the broken bit counterclockwise. Pull slowly while twisting the broken piece out of the hole to remove it.


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