Drill Bit Size for Ring Doorbell

Everything you need to set up your Ring Doorbell is included in the box you receive it in. But if you lose a piece or are not satisfied with its tools, you might employ the following:


  • Several T6 screws  
  • Screwdriver
  • A power drills


What Size Drill Bit Do I Need?

A 15/64 drill bit is required for wall mounting your Ring Doorbell (but a 7/32 drill bit will work just as well). T6 and T15 screwdriver heads are also required.

What Size Wires Do I Need?

There is no need to wire a classic Ring Doorbell into the wall if you buy one. For Ring Doorbell Pro, you can use the same cables from your old doorbell.

Depending on your arrangement, you’ll need different sorts of wiring. You may find out more about it by visiting this page.


What kind of Allen Wrench do I need to get the job done correctly?

It’s common for allen wrenches to be packaged in five-piece sets. Your device should be serviceable with the tiniest wrench.

On Amazon, you may purchase all of the items listed above in one go.

Does the Ring Doorbell Require a Resistor?

Your home’s setup will determine whether or not you need to purchase a resistor for your Ring Doorbell. This add-on will not be required by the vast majority of users. Even so, a low-voltage transformer may be necessary if you want to use the Ring Doorbell Pro with it.

The Ring Doorbell Installation Guide

The specifics of how to set up your Ring Doorbell will vary depending on whatever model you purchased. When comparing the Ring Doorbell and the Ring Doorbell Pro, the most significant distinction is that the latter attaches to the previous doorbell’s existing wiring. Neither the battery pack nor the wiring for the former are included.

A “mounting bracket” will be included with your Ring Doorbell when you purchase it. This is the frame that will be used to secure your smartphone against a wall or other surface. T6 screws will also be included in your setup package, which will be used to secure the mounting bracket to the wall.


  1. Make use of the level to align it with the center of the mounting bracket.
  2. In order to keep the level’s bubble in the center, angle the mounting bracket toward the intended area.
  3. Make four marks on the mounting bracket’s four corners using a pencil to indicate where it will go.
  4. Please keep in mind that if you’re mounting the Ring Doorbell on a wooden surface, you can use a drill to secure the mounting bracket to the wall. If you’re placing your doorbell on a stucco, brick, or concrete surface, you’ll need to drill holes into the wall first with a 15/64 drill bit to ensure that the doorbell will work. (Always remember to use the plastic anchors that were included with it.)
  5. Remove the level from the equation.
  6. Attach the Ring Doorbell to the mounting bracket by snapping it in place.

You will then use the T16 head (the one that looks like a star) to attach the two screws to the bottom of your doorbell.

How to set up your Ring Doorbell, what tools you’ll need, and other specifics will vary depending on the type and generation of Ring Doorbell you purchase. Consult your device’s user manual for additional information on how to set up your device.

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