Difference between 25 Degree and 30 Degree Chainsaw

One thing is absolutely critical if you own a Chainsaw. The chain must always be razor-sharp. Several electric chainsaw sharpeners are available, as are several manual chainsaw sharpeners, and numerous manuals are available to assist you in obtaining the proper sharpening angle for your chainsaw. While doing research on chainsaw chain sharpening methods, I discovered that there are many different ways to do it. There is a wide range of price ranges, but each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

While sharpening a chainsaw, mostly two angles are used, 25 Degree and 30 Degree. Both angles are best in their own way and both are used for different purposes to achieve different results. In this blog, we will list detailed information about both chainsaw angles and differentiate both.

If you are going to use the chainsaw for normal conditions then you should go for a 35 degree chainsaw while if you are going to use your chainsaw for frozen wood then a 25 degree chainsaw is recommended.

With the 35 Degree chainsaw, you can cut a little faster than a 25 degree one but there’s a downside to this too. Using a chainsaw with a larger angle will need to be resharpened more often. So a 25 degree chainsaw is more durable as compared to a 30 degree one.

A 25 degree chainsaw is mostly used and recommended to cut hardwood. While if you are using the chainsaw at a larger scale and mostly cut softwood then a 30 degree chainsaw is recommended.

According to our professionals, a 25 degree is recommended for full chisel chains. Quite the opposite, for a half chisel chain, 30 degrees should be your prior choice. Also, different companies recommend different angles with different chainsaw models. So you should be careful while selecting the angle. You should check the sharpening guide of your chainsaw with the purchasing company before going for the 25 degree or a 30 degree.

So, it is concluded that the angle of the chainsaw totally depends on where and how you want to use your chainsaw. Chainsaw angles are set according to the use and purpose. Different wood conditions support different chainsaw angles. So, select one according to your use and also according to the company recommendations for the respective chainsaw.

If you still have questions about a 25 degree and 30 degree chainsaw, feel free to contact us at any time and get help from our professionals.

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