Can You Cut Aluminum with a Wood Blade?

It is always a good idea to use tools that are specifically designed for the material being worked on. It’s for this reason that many people hesitate to cut aluminium with a wood blade, despite the fact that aluminium is much stronger than wood. Wooden blades can, however, be used safely with the right precautions.

Cutting aluminium is a relatively simple process due to its excellent machinability and ease of cutting. Aluminum can be cut with a large number of teeth on a wood blade.

Non-ferrous materials can be cut with the majority of wood blade brands. There are carbide grades specifically designed to cut aluminium. The TPI (tooth per inch) of a wood blade, on the other hand, must be taken into account if you’re planning to use it.

Wood Blade on Aluminum

The number of teeth on the blade is the most important factor. There is a direct correlation between TPI (tooth per inch) and the smoothness of the cut. Blades with a lower TPI have larger teeth and deeper gullets. Using these, the aluminium channels will be pulled towards the blade.

It is best to use a blade with more than ten teeth per diameter inch when cutting aluminium that is less than 1/16 inch thick. For a 12-inch mitre saw, use a 120 teeth blade.

  • 10 (TPI) x 12 (blade diameter in inches) = 120

Wood blades with up to 200 teeth are manufactured by a slew of companies specifically for this purpose.

A blade with 10 teeth per diameter inch is required if the aluminium is thicker than 1/8 inch. The number of teeth per diameter inch is reduced to just 8 for a thickness of 1/4 of an inch. For aluminium that is more than a quarter inch thick, the maximum tooth density is six per inch.

Is it possible to cut aluminium with a chop saw?

If by chop saw you mean a mitre saw, then the answer is yes. A non-ferrous metal cutting blade can be used on a chop saw (mitre saw) to cut aluminium sheet metal.

When using a metal-cutting chop saw, avoid using an abrasive disc to cut through aluminium. Aluminum will clog abrasive cutting discs, causing them to overheat and possibly shattering the disc in the process.

With a circular saw, can you cut aluminium?

Using a mitre saw to cut large aluminium sheets is not an option when cutting such large sheets. In such cases, a circular saw or jigsaw equipped with a metal-cutting blade is the most appropriate tool.

You can cut aluminium with a circular saw and a non-ferrous circular saw blade or a fine carbide-tipped wood blade if you have a circular saw. When using a handheld circular saw to cut aluminium, take your time and work slowly and methodically. If the cut is not perfectly straight, it will become entangled between the two pieces of steel. When this occurs, let go of the trigger and pull the saw back a little bit to correct the situation. Slowly feed the saw blade back into the saw, and allow the blade to complete the cutting.

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