Best Saw for Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum has the characteristics of being lightweight, sturdy, and useful, which combine to make it one of the most important engineering materials of our day. We can find aluminium in the homes we live in, the automobiles we drive, the trains and planes that transport us over long distances, the mobile phones and computers we use on a daily basis, the shelves inside our refrigerators, and the interior designs of modern buildings, but only 200 years ago, little was known about this metal.

The workability and weldability of most aluminum grades are exceptional, making them suited for a broad variety of industrial and commercial applications. The most effective method of cutting this material is with a saw, but which saw is the most effective?

So if you are into using aluminum and cut it into different shaped pieces but worried about choosing the best saw for cutting aluminum extrusion, then you are at the right platform. In this article, after great research and practical, we have come up with a list of best saws for cutting aluminum so you don’t have to waste time trying different saws and select the best one to perform the task efficiently.

A 14-inch, multicoloured MK Morse 101172-MKM 050326101172

The MK Morse Metal Cutting Saw has remained faithful to the fundamentals, but it has also added a few new features. As a result of these enhancements, you’ll find that it efficiently resolves the majority of your workplace issues, earning it a loyal following and the majority of positive reviews.

In addition to 72 teeth, the 14-inch carbide blade is powerful and versatile. You can use it to cut pipes, conduits, tubes, and metals, and the best part is that it’s completely silent. And it doesn’t produce any smoke or odor, which makes it ideal for long work hours as well.

As a result, you can cut metals of varying thicknesses thanks to the motor’s low speed and high torque. It’s also quick, so you can finish your work quickly. In addition to the retractable feature, there is a safety guard that prevents flying debris from hitting you.

On the other hand, there is an onboard blade change system that provides greater durability and convenient storage, so you don’t lose the components. In addition, the coolness of the metal edges after the cuts are complete because the carbide tips help reduce heat transfer is exciting.

MK Morse 101172-MKM Best Saw For Cutting Aluminum Extrusion


  • Brand: MK Morse
  • Blade Length: 14 Inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric


Metal DesignCut through steel and other tough metals with the same ease as you would through soft pine 2x4s.
FastEasily cut through metal at a faster rate than traditional methods such as abrasives wheels.
ComfortableUser fatigue is reduced by ergonomic grips.
Retractable bladeThe blade guard on the saw is retractable.
AlignmentMiscuts are reduced in waste as a result of improved blade alignment guides.


  • It comes with a laser guide for added safety.
  • It has a side opening that allows for precise and smooth cutting.
  • A high torque motor and low speed are included for making large cuts.


  • It quickly gets too hot.

The MK Morse is a versatile tool that can be used for metal, wood cutting, and plastic applications. Because of its high torque and low-speed 15 Amp motor, it is capable of making precise and high-quality cuts. It maximizes durability, versatility, and cut variety, and it runs at a no-load speed of up to 2,700 revolutions per minute without requiring any loading.

A 15-inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw by Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380

The incredible EVOSAW380 chop saw is capable of cutting through mild steel without difficulty. There is no heat, and there are almost no sparks, resulting in a smooth, burr-free, instantly workable surface. Compared to abrasive chop saws, the EVOSAW380 is the most environmentally friendly, fastest, and most affordable way to cut steel.

When compared to traditional abrasive chop saws, the Evolution is a more sophisticated tool. With tungsten carbide tips on a circular saw style blade, it outperforms abrasive cut off machines in terms of cut quality, blade life and operator safety. When it comes to cutting plate, sheet metal, tube, pipe, and angle iron, evolution saws are significantly cleaner, faster, and safer than torches, portabands, and other methods. A 15-amp motor provides more than enough power for the majority of cutting applications, including woodworking.


The EVOSAW380 is equipped with a powerful 15A motor and high-torque gearbox, making it capable of handling even the most demanding on-site jobs. Steel plate, square tube, angle iron, pipe, tube, and metal roofing are all suitable materials for cutting. Optional blades include a 15″ mild steel blade and a 14″ specialty blade for cutting thin steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, and masonry. Both blades are available in 15″ and 14″ lengths.

A carry handle for portability, a cast aluminium base, and an improved vise design with mitre detents and a locking pin for quick and repeatable mitre cuts are just a few of the new additions. This saw is capable of handling blades with a diameter of up to 15 inches, providing even greater capacity.

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 Best Saw For Cutting Aluminum Extrusion


  • Brand : Evolutions Power Tools
  • Motor (120V ~ 60Hz): 1800W / 15A
  • Horse Power: 4HP
  • Speed (No Load): 1450RPM
  • Weight: 62 LB
  • Mild Steel Plate (Max Thickness): 1/2″
  • Square Tube at 90° (Mild Steel): 5”
  • Square Tube at 45° (Mild Steel): 3-1/2”
  • Rectangle Tube at 90° (Mild Steel): 3-3/4 x 7-7/8”
  • Rectangle Tube at 45° (Mild Steel): 3 x 4-3/8”
  • Round Tube at 90° (Mild Steel): 5-7/8”
  • Round Tube at 45° (Mild Steel): 5”
  • Wood at 90° (Nominal Size): 4 x 8”
  • Wood at 45° (Nominal Size): 4 x 4”


DesignMetal cutting on a dry surface Chop saws are used to cut metal with little heat or sparks, and they do not require coolant.
PerformanceA high torque gearbox coupled with an 1800 watt / 15-amp motor reduces motor load while simultaneously improving steel cutting performance.
Aluminium cast baseHeavy-duty cast aluminium base for metal cutting in the industrial sector.
Outperforms abrasiveOutperforms abrasive saws in terms of cutting speed and blade life, with an average of 1000 cuts per inch of mild steel.
Cold cut sawCold cut saws are used to cut metal with little heat and burrs, resulting in a workable finish.


  • Mild Steel Blade
  • Good heavy base and clamps


  • None

I had been looking for a metal cut off saw, and what surprised me was that the prices of other manufacturers were higher than I was willing to pay. Then I happened to come across evolution saws, and I was pleasantly surprised by their lower price, positive reviews, and high-quality products. I placed an order right away and was once again pleasantly surprised by the company’s free shipping, which is always a plus in anyone’s book.

DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS779)

Precision at its toughest, the DEWALT DWS779 sliding compound mitre saw delivers accuracy and capacity for everyday jobsite use. The motor in this mitre saw is 15 amps and runs at 3800 RPM, so it has plenty of power and is long-lasting. Seven-and-a-half inches of crown nested and up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×10 at 45° are supported by tall sliding fences. Detent override on a cam lock mitre handle provides fast and accurate mitre angles.

Double bevel compound mitre saw with 15-amp, 3800 RPM DeWalt motor delivers extended power and endurance. On its mitre detent plate, there are 14 positive stops. Mitre handle with detent override for quick and precise mitre angles. Cam-lock mitre handle with machined base fence support. Using the mitre saw’s large sliding fences at 90 degrees, it can hold 7 1/2 inches of Crown Nested Lumber as well as 2 inches by fourteen inches of Dimensional Lumber; using the gates at 45 degrees, it can support 2 inches by ten inches of Lumber. From 0 to 48 degrees, left and right bevels are available. Enhanced precision and long-term dependability are provided by the use of two horizontal steel rails with an innovative clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings. The bevel scale on the mitre saw is large and easy to read, with positive stops. More than 75% of the dust generated by a saw can be collected by a saw’s dust collector. Blade wrench, vertical material clamp, and dust bag are included in the package.

DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw Best Saw For Cutting Aluminum Extrusion


  • Arbor Size: 0.625″
  • Blade Size: 12″ (305 mm)
  • Revolutions per Minute: 3800 RPM
  • Type: Compound mitre saw
  • Amperage: 15 A
  • Cutting Angle: 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left
  • Component: Metal/composite


DurabilityExtensive power and durability are provided by a 15-amp, 3,800 RPM motor
DesignAt 90°, the unique back fence design can cut up to 2 x 16-dimensional lumber and 2 x 12-dimensional lumber at a 45° angle.
Dual horizontal steelDual horizontal steel rails, an innovative clamping mechanism, and linear ball bearings combine to create a saw that is accurate, long-lasting, and compact.
AccuracyThe precision mitre system and machined base fence support provide the best possible durability and cutting accuracy.


  • Runs smooth
  • Well-built saw


  • None

The DWS779 is a versatile saw that can be used to make precise cuts at any angle. Every axis of movement is silky smooth. Locking pins and adjustment screws are built to last and are of high quality. To be fair, the saw weighs more than I prefer, but I’d rather it be well-built and heavy. The radius lock lever is the only flaw in the design. It’s made of plastic, so I’m not sure how long it will last (see photo). Overall, this is a fantastic saw at an even better price!

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