Best Saw for Cutting Aluminum Extrusion

The small and lightweight shape of top handle chainsaws makes them excellent for operating above ground (in trees), which is why they are often referred to as climbing saws or “in tree chainsaws” when used in this capacity. As a result, they are ideal for a variety of tasks such as pruning, climbing, and cutting down small trees.

But selecting the right saw for climbing purposes might be a challenging task. But don’t worry, we have your back! In this article we have listed down few best saws that might come handy next time you climb a tree. Read and make a known purchase decision.

Chainsaw CS-355T 16″ Bar; JM#54574-4565467/341190831 New Echo Top Handle Chain Saw

Someone looking for a chainsaw that is both convenient for tree work and capable of providing superior cutting capabilities will find this to be an appealing option. When it comes to finding what you’re looking for, this unit should be at the top of your list of potential options.

The Echo chainsaw described above is a good choice if you like the sound of it, but you need something with a little more cutting power. This larger model may be of interest to you.

You can handle larger, more difficult branches with its 35.8cc engine and 16″ chain and bar, which gives you the ability to handle larger, more difficult branches. The fact that it is both lightweight and well-balanced makes it particularly well suited for use when working in the trees.

It is equipped with the same G-Force Air Pre-Cleaner as the smaller model, and it includes a back-mounted easy-access air filter that is designed to make maintenance more convenient for the user.

It has an ergonomic handle design that makes it comfortable and simple to use, but it does not have the ability to adjust the chain without the use of tools, which means you will have to carry the tools necessary to do so with you.

ECHO CS-355T Best Climbing Saw


  • Package Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • ASIN: B01LWEI17B
  • Engine Displacement (cc): 35.8
  • Oil Capacity (fl oz): 8.2
  • Engine Displacement (cu in): 2.19
  • Dry Weight (lbs)1: 8
  • Starting System: Spring-Assist
  • Sprocket Cover: Plastic
  • Ignition System: Digital
  • Bar Type: Pro91
  • Carburetor: Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm
  • Sprocket Type: Spur
  • Oiling System: Automatic/Adjustable (Clutch-Driven)
  • Handle: Plastic





Engine with a displacement of 35.8cc and a 2-stroke transmission.

Contoured handle

Handle that has been contoured to fit your hand video to be played


The palm rest provides support and leverage for the hand. video to be played

Handle design

While cutting play video, the handle angle allows for a more natural wrist position.

Adjustable clutch

Oiler with an automatic, adjustable clutch drive


Reduced-effort starting system for quick and easy start-ups. Video playback system.



  • With an inertial chain brake, you may stop your car without touching the brake pedal.
  • Good Engine Air Pre-Cleaner


  • None

It has a wonderful balance of weight, and it is extremely lightweight. If I could just order a new fuel pickup part, I could get my previous Echo to work again for another 20+ years or so before this. Echo is the best band out there.

Cordless Chainsaw Kit, Teal: Makita XCU06T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless (5.0Ah) Chainsaw Kit, Teal

In addition to the rapid charger, the Makita cordless 10 Inch top handle chain saw comes with two 18 Volt LXT® batteries with 5.0Ah capacity. is driven by a brushless motor that produces the same amount of power as a 22-cc gas chain saw. When used with a 2×2 cedar log, the 18 Volt LXT® 5.0 Amp-hour battery has the capacity to cut up to 175 cuts. The compact top handle design makes it ideal for pruning, trimming, and limbing due to its small footprint. The top handle has a rubberized soft grip that allows the user to apply pressure evenly while working.

The use of a captured bar nut and lateral chain tensioning makes operation and maintenance much more convenient. The operator can easily monitor the oil level thanks to the large oil filling port with a view window on the side. The Star Protection Computer ControlsTM technology protects against overloading, over-discharging, and over-heating by preventing the computer from overheating. Operator comfort is enhanced by the low noise level and absence of emissions. An integrated LED On/Off switch with auto power-off functionality automatically shuts down the equipment if operation is delayed for an extended period of time. Extreme Protection Technology (XPTTM) is a proprietary coating that is designed to provide increased dust and water resistance in harsh job site environments.

Makita is responding to customer demand by expanding its line of cordless outdoor power equipment, which includes the 18V LXT Brushless 10″ top handle chain saw (model XCU06T). Thanks to its low emissions, low noise, and low maintenance requirements, the XCU06T is a welcome solution for cutting and trimming applications. Its compact top-handle design makes it particularly well suited for the professional tree care industry as well.

The XCU06T is powered by a single 18V LXT battery, which provides maximum power, speed, and run-time. It is built on the highly-recommended 18V battery platform, and it includes two 18V LXT batteries in the kit. & With the high-efficiency Makita outer rotor Brushless motor with direct drive system, users can achieve power efficiency that is comparable to that of a gas-powered chain saw. In order to increase cutting speed, the XCU06T is equipped with a variable speed trigger and high chain speed (0-4, 720 FPM). It also has a torque boost mode for cutting dense material. It produces zero emissions and requires minimal maintenance: there is no need to change the engine oil, no need to replace the spark plug, and no need to clean the air filter or the muffler. Moreover, there is no requirement to drain the fuel for storage.


  • Acme Tools Brand Name: MAKITA
  • Assembled Weight (lbs): 7.2
  • Automatic Oiler: Yes
  • Bar Length (in): 10
  • Battery Ampere-hour (Ah): 5.0
  • Battery Voltage (V): 18
  • Package Weight (lbs): 13.35





An outer rotor BLTM Brushless Motor direct-drive system designed and manufactured by Makita ensures high power efficiency.


Improved cutting performance is achieved by using a variable speed trigger and a high chain speed (0-4,720 FPM).

Oil Filling Port

The large oil filling port with a view window allows the operator to easily add and check the level of bar oil without bending over.

LED Switches

It has an integrated LED on/off switch with an auto power-off function, which automatically shuts down after 60 seconds, thereby extending battery life.


The rubberized soft grip top handle is designed to make it easier for the user to apply even cutting pressure to the blade.

Protection Control

This product is equipped with Star Protection Computer ControlsTM, which protect against overloading, over discharging, and overheating.


  • Fast and light weight chain saw
  • Handy


  • None

Despite its small size, this saw performs admirably. Perfect for small firewood projects and for cleaning up around the house. My family enjoys going to the lake, and campfires are a big part of the experience. Cleaning up dead wood is a breeze when you use this saw. I really like it.

32.2cc Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 Pure Fire Engine 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw

Its engine is slightly smaller than the average two-stroke, but it still provides enough power for home-pruning tasks and hobby detailing tasks. The included bar is shorter than the industry standard, but it is ideal for working with tight trims. Because of the ergonomic design of the top handle and the weight of the powerhead, it is significantly lighter than most gas chainsaws in its class. It comes with a seven-year consumer warranty, which is appropriate for a chain saw intended for home use.

In the world of chainsaws, Tanka is best known for their flawless work. One of their most popular products is the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw, which is one of their best sellers. This gasoline chainsaw has been specifically designed for commercial applications. This chainsaw increases the efficiency and ease of the cutting job by a factor of ten, while also making it more user friendly.

It is extremely practical, easily cleanable, and lightweight, and it is the best choice not only for beginners, but also for professionals who require a reliable tool. It is almost certain that you will be pleased with the outcome as well. The following are some of its additional characteristics and reviews.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP-12 Best Climbing Saw


  • Chain Gauge: 0.050 in., 0.050in.
  • Bar Length: 14″
  • Engine Type: TWO Stroke
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (LX w X H): 15.50×11.50×11.10in.
  • Product Type: Chainsaws
  • Measurement System: Inch
  • Frame Shape: New Cedar
  • Horsepower: 32cc, 1.6hp
  • Handle Type: Spade
  • Room: Porch
  • AC Voltage: Powered
  • Starting System: Recoil, RECOIL
  • Dimensions; 14″ Bar and Chain, 14in. BAR and Chain
  • Material: Wood
  • Tire Diameter: Inches
  • Press Type: Hand





They reported that the starting process was reliable after many uses, and that it started on the first or second pull.


Had a lower cutting capacity than most commercial-grade saws – Despite the fact that the saw is advertised as being of commercial grade, consumers found it to be somewhat inferior to comparable saws.


Still, the Tanaka met their expectations in terms of price – At a third of the cost of most other saws, the Tanaka was an affordable and dependable purchase.


  • It has a powerful engine.
  • Performance has been boosted.
  • The chain’s lubrication is maintained.
  • Stamina-rich and long-lived.


  • Excessive noise is generated.
  • In continuous use, a motor may overheat and burn.

The amazing features of the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine make it a very positive purchase. The product has received positive feedback from customers, however, so that’s a plus. The flaws are so minor and insignificant that they aren’t even worth noting. Because of its gas-powered technology, it has a relatively low power output, but it still accomplishes the tasks you need it to.

It’s easy to use and does the job quickly. This product’s end result will meet your expectations. Hurry up and buy one of the best chainsaws on the market before they’re all gone!

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