Best Chainsaw Chains for Cutting Stumps

After removing the tree stump from your yard, you’ll need to use a chainsaw. With the use of a cordless chainsaw, this task is substantially less hazardous. If you’re using a chain, what kind of chain is best? That raises a lot of issues. Using this information, you can choose the best chainsaw chain for stump removal.

When it comes to removing stumps, chainsaws have a difficult task ahead of them. The chains are ripped apart by dirt and stones. The chainsaw bar will eventually die if you don’t use the right chain or sharpen it after seeing sawdust

So let’s get to the point. If you want to remove stumps with ease, utilise semi-chisel full skip chains. Larger cuts produce less sawdust than smaller ones.

Even if the stump is cut down, the remaining timber is useless to you. When it’s freezing outside, they’ll keep you warm. A morning’s work is all it takes to get rid of a stump. The rest of the day can be spent on your patio, beneath a large umbrella, taking in the fresh spring air and enjoying a variety of beverages.

Chainsaw bars and sprockets can be damaged by a dull or broken chain, causing wear and safety issues. It’s imperative to act quickly in the event that it happens to you.

We have listed, after proper research and experience of our professionals, a number of Best Chainsaw Chains for Cutting Stumps in this article. Read to know the best chainsaw chain and make a known purchase decision.

Stihl 3667 005 0081 OilomaticDuro 26RD3 81 Carbide Chainsaw Chain, 20″

If you’re looking for an excellent chainsaw chain, look no farther than the Stihl 3667-005 OilomaticDuro 26RD3 81 Carbide Chainsaw Chain, 20″. The product’s primary function is to make cleanup and control a breeze. The design and style and layout are outstanding, making it immensely beautiful and inviting.

Most people are engrossed in the purchase and use it to its fullest potential. Every feature is designed to meet the needs of the user because it serves a purpose. It is a magnificent and suitable product for fast setup, maintenance, and control.

Chainsaws that are low-kickback are called RAPIDTM Duro 3 chainsaws. It retains its sharpness for up to four times as long as regular chains. The RD3 is exceptionally sturdy and gives excellent results in all sorts cutting wood with standard-sized blades.


Cutting unclean wood, treated wood, roots, and hardwoods, which would wear out ordinary chains rapidly, is ideal for this chainsaw A diamond grinding wheel must be used to resharpen this chain.

Chains manufactured by Stihl are acceptable and essential for chainsaw use. A wide range of chainsaws from different manufacturers may use this model’s chains, which can be used for a variety of tasks. For a low price, you can get high-quality Stihl chains.

Aside from being durable, the RD3 in this model is also extremely light in comparison. This instrument is capable of hacking through stumps, hard woods, roots, and treated words with relative ease. The MS251, MS250, and 025 models from Stihl are all interchangeable.

This chain has a total weight of 12.7 ounces. Additionally, they are pre-stretched before they are sold, which reduces the amount of stretching that occurs throughout the break-in period. This chain is the best choice if you want to save money on your oil expenses.


  • Pitch: 325″ 
  • Pitch: 325″;
  • gauge:.063;
  • drive links: 81
  • fits 20-inch bars




The STIHL RAPID Duro 3 Chain Is A Low-Maintenance Chain.

Kickback Chain with Standard-Sized Cutters is a good choice for many applications.

The RD3 is quite long-lasting.

When cutting dirty wood, treated wood, roots, and hardwoods that would ordinarily dull ordinary chains in a short amount of time, this chain is an excellent choice.


There are several Stihl models that are compatible, including the 025, MS 250, MS 251, and others.


  • Easy to Use,
  • Easy to Maintain


  • Expensive

Oregon S60 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Semi Chisel Chainsaw Chain Fits McCulloch, Troy-Bilt

Having a chainsaw on hand for occasional yard maintenance and even storm-damaged trees is a need for homeowners. For occasional usage, you’ll also need a saw chain that’s advanced enough to handle difficult work while yet being user-friendly and accommodating.

A saw chain with minimal vibration and kickback, the Oregon S60 AdvanceCutTM Saw Chain is ideal for homeowners and occasional users who want a saw chain with a low level of vibration and kickback.

Exceptional cutting performance is provided by the Chamfer Chisel cutters because of its two cutting corners. These cutters are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and forgiving when it comes to their use and maintenance. In addition to the Craftsman® 1554 and 41556, this chain is also compatible with the Craftsman® 41555 and 41558.

High performance Chamfer Chisel cutters with a notched bumberdrive link are combined to provide low kickback performance, good chip flow, and a smooth cutting action in a semi-chisel configuration. The dual corners of the cutters provide excellent performance on a wide range of popular saws that employ low-profile 3/8 in pitch chain for their operation.


Aside from that, the tie straps are symmetrical in four directions, which makes it easier to attach chain loops. Chainsaws manufactured by Craftsman/Sears, Cub Cadet, Earthwise, Efco-Emark, Hitachi, John Deere, Milwaukee, Shindaiwa, Skil, Tanaka and Western Auto as well as Yardworks and other brands are compatible with this part. The chain has a gauge of 0.05 inch.

The S60 AdvanceCut is unquestionably the ideal choice if you are searching for a trustworthy high-performance chain to chop down storm-damaged trees or to undertake occasional yard maintenance in a small space. Its minimal kick-back design and low vibration are two of the S60’s most appealing characteristics.

Chrome-plated cutters, a lubritec oiling system, reduced vibration, and hardened rivets are some of the advantages of this chain. By providing the optimal lubrication to their chainsaws, the common LubriTec oiling system enables users to operate more efficiently and for a longer period of time. In addition, it provides lubrication where it is required, allowing it to endure for a longer period of time.

The chrome-plated cutters have a higher wear resistance and a firmer surface to absorb friction, making them more efficient. From a technical standpoint, you will be able to spend less time filling the tank and more time grinding the chain. Furthermore, because of the reinforced rivets, you will experience less wear and a longer chain stretch, which means that you will require fewer chain stretch modifications.


  • Bar Length: 18 in
  • File Size: 5/32 in
  • Material Gauge: 0.05
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Links: 60
  • Suitable for: Craftsman 1554, 41556, 41558, Poulan, Homelite and Sears Chainsaws
  • TPI/Pitch: 3/8 in




LubriTec Oiling System

You want tools that are more efficient and endure for a longer period of time. It was our goal while developing LubriTec to provide the greatest possible lubrication for your saw chain. Maintaining lubrication where it is most needed results in a longer-lasting saw chain and guide bar, as well as reduced downtime.

Low Vibration

More comfort is achieved by reducing vibration. Vibration-induced white finger (VWF) was something we wanted to avoid, so we made a tiny buffer between the saw chain and the guide bar. A significant amount of energy is dispersed by the saw chain, which acts as a shock absorber. It never makes it to the guide bar, the saw, or, perhaps most importantly, the operator’s hands. Our low-vibration design minimizes vibrations by as much as 25% and sometimes more.

Chrome-Plated Cutters

Your chain will remain sharper for a longer period of time. All of Oregon’s saw chain cutters are electroplated with a coating of industrial strong chromium to give them a long life. Chrome provides a tougher surface as well as increased wear resistance. As a result, you’ll be spending more time cutting and less time filing or grinding your chain.

Hardened Rivets

All saw chain rivets are induction hardened and quenched at Oregon in order to provide a longer operating saw chain. This results in a high-quality, load-bearing surface that resists wear and boosts strength for a longer working saw chain. Less wear and stretch on the chain implies fewer changes to the chain tension.


  • Fast cutting with low vibration
  • Greater durability and stays sharp for longer
  • Great cross platform compatibility


  • None

Solid Carbide Chainsaw Chain R28 2527-20 M12 Fits Milwaukee Fuel Hatchet 6″ Pole Saw 49-16-2732

It is designed to be used with the Milwaukee M12 FUEL HATCHET 6 in. Pruning Saw, which has a 6 in. cutting capacity (2527-20). The Full House Chain is equipped with a cutter on each driving link, which reduces vibration and ensures that clean cuts are made.

In addition, the design provides rapid cuts while minimizing kickback in order to comply with the ANSI B175.1 Standard. The saw chain is constructed of a sturdy material that is resistant to the elements, allowing it to last longer.

In comparison to the STIHL RAPIDTM Duro, the STIHL RAPIDTM Duro 3 chain offers lower kickback. In comparison to ordinary chains, it can last up to four times longer. The RD3 is exceptionally durable when used with standard-sized cutters and provides excellent results in all sorts cutting wood, including hardwoods.


Cutting unclean wood, treated wood, roots, and hardwoods with this chain is particularly effective, since standard chains would rapidly dull. This chain will need to be re-sharpened with a diamond grinding wheel that has been created.




Brushless Motor

The POWERSTATETM Brushless Motor provides the necessary power to accomplish cuts in difficult materials.

Chain Tensioner

Chain tension may be adjusted quickly and easily with the Easy Access Chain Tensioner.

Oil Reservoir

The Translucent Oil Reservoir enables for visual view of the oil levels within the reservoir.

Minimal Vibrations

Clean cuts are delivered by using a Full House Chain, which reduces vibration and provides a quiet operation.

Automatic Oiler

The Automatic Oiler ensures optimum chain lubrication while also increasing overall output.

Metal Bucking Spikes

Metal Bucking Spikes are used in a variety of applications because they provide greater leverage than wood.


  • Compatible with a number of chainsaws
  • Durable Chain
  • Prolonged Sharpening


  • None

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