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While under tension, the blade of a bandsaw revolves around two metal wheels, cutting wood. In addition to ripping boards, bandsaws are useful for resawing boards for veneer and thinner furniture items, as well as cutting curves in the shape of a curve. These tasks can absolutely be completed with a rip hand saw and a bow saw, but can take much, much longer to accomplish.

An inexpensive and less powerful bandsaw may suffice if you only intend to rip and cut curves on smaller boards and do some little resawing. You may be able to get away with a 14-inch bandsaw (less than 2 horsepower) like this JET bandsaw. We have listed some of the Best Bandsaw Lights below. Do check them out.

After owning a smaller JET bandsaw for nearly four years, I decided to change to a more powerful but yet reasonably priced Grizzly. Just enough power and size were missing from the JET bandsaw to meet my needs. With a riser block, a 14-inch bandsaw can be used for resawing, but larger bandsaws such as this 17-inch bandsaw have a sturdier frame, stronger guides and a larger cast iron table, as well as a greater amount of power. You’ll need a bandsaw with at least a 1.75 HP motor for heavy resawing. Using a Carter Log Mill, a bandsaw of this size is ideal for resawing boards from tiny logs. A tiny bandsaw mill could be compared to this set-up.

When I need to cut particularly wide boards, I can use this bandsaw’s wide 17-inch opening and 2 Horse Power to rip through the thickest of lumber that comes into my workshop. Because you can resaw boards up to 12 inches wide, this bandsaw was the most important purchase of my life.

Resawing has been a breeze with this bandsaw. Resawing, on the other hand, is impossible with the stock fence. With a heavy piece of wood clamped to the bandsaw table on an angle, you may easily build your own fence for resawing. You can also purchase a resown fence. I use a $150 resaw fence for both resawing and regular rip cuts, and it provides excellent safety and support.

This Grizzly G0513ANV bandsaw boasts a solid tensioning mechanism, the blades track well, and two dust extraction ports. It can be wired for either 110V or 220V. Bandsaws from other manufacturers are just as good as those made by Grizzly, in my opinion. Other popular bandsaws include:

Although Laguna bandsaws are generally regarded as the highest quality, internet user reviews for specific bandsaw models should be checked. One of the most expensive bandsaws, and their 14-inch variants are normally more expensive than Grizzly’s 17-inch ones, which are usually less expensive. You can buy and read reviews of Laguna bandsaws here.

  • Bandsaws made by Powermatic are also of high quality, albeit certain models have minor flaws. Another expensive bandsaw is this one. You can buy and read reviews on Powermatic bandsaws here.
  • Other Grizzly bandsaw models are available for comparison. Grizzly bandsaws are available for purchase and evaluation on this site.
  • There are several decent JET bandsaws out there, too. JET bandsaws were among the tools I’ve used and enjoyed. JET bandsaws are available for purchase here, along with customer reviews.
  • However, Rikon bandsaws aren’t my first choice. I’ve had one in the past and was disappointed with some of the features and production problems. Then again, they’re not too pricey.

Jet Tools – JWBS-14LIT

When working with your Jet 14″ SFX Bandsaw, you’ll appreciate the bright lights and great visibility (714400K). This accessories lamp is equipped with a flexible arm that allows you to aim the light exactly where it is needed, as well as a 5-watt LED for optimal efficiency and longevity. It is simple to install on your bandsaw, requiring only four hex screws to secure it to the mounting space. 115V cord is included, which fits right into the outlet on your bandsaw for convenient use.


Great brands will be the foundation of the future. Throughout every business relationship, JPW is devoted to providing unparalleled service. We have a technical support team in the United States that supports all of our brands. More than 40.000 replacement components are kept on hand. Designed to meet the requirements of our customers.


  • SAP Height: 8
  • SAP Length: 11
  • SAP Gross Weight: 3.1
  • SAP Net Weight: 2.4
  • SAP Volume: 0.407
  • SAP Width: 8




LED Light

LED lighting that is both bright and energy efficient


Easily attaches to the JWBS-14SFX with a bolt.


The light is adjusted and held in place by a flexible arm.

Bolts and key

Included are mounting bolts and a hex key.


  • Easy to use
  • Bright Light


  • None

Excellent light, which attaches quickly to the saw and is extremely bright. I wish the saw had a built-in plug that was merged with the light mount so that the cord did not have to be exposed on the outside.

Delta 25-870

The DELTA Magnetic Work Light enhances the visibility of your workpiece while you are working. The 14″ flexible neck allows you to aim the light to the exact location where you need it. (25-870)

The Delta Magnetic Work Light is ideal for use on drill presses, band saws, scroll saws, and other woodworking gear, among other applications. The 25-870 model enhances visibility of the cutting line and work piece, which helps to improve accuracy and safety.. Its flexible arm may be quickly and easily repositioned to meet any work at hand.


Flexible 14″ Arm with a powerful magnetic base chord with an extra-long length of 8 feet Dimensions of the item package: 9.0″ L x 4.0″ W x 12.0″ H


  • Manufacturer Delta Power Equipment Corporation
  • Part Number 25-870
  • Item Weight 2 pounds (0.9 kg)
  • Product Dimensions 9 x 4 x 12 inches (22.9 x 10.2 x 30.5 cm)
  • Country of Origin Taiwan
  • Item model number 25-870
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
  • Item Package Quantity 1
  • Certification Certified frustration-free
  • Batteries Included? No
  • Batteries Required? No




Magnetic base

A powerful magnetic base attaches to any steel surface, allowing for the installation of additional lighting in difficult-to-reach industrial places.

Accommodation of machines

It is possible to arrange the 14-inch arm in a variety of ways to accommodate different machines or applications.

Increase visibility

Increase the visibility of the cutting line and the work piece when using drill presses, band saws, scroll saws, and other woodworking machines, for example.


Additionally, it is excellent for automotive applications and general workplace lighting.


  • Work on the magnetic foundation.
  • light that comes in helpful


  • None

With my new Wen drill press, this light is a perfect match. Without the use of the word Delta, one may believe that it was a part of the drill in question. Using a 7 watt Walmart brand LED directed bulb, the magnet holds the belt and pulley cover in place, and I couldn’t be more pleased with its function and build quality. It’s just what I’d been searching for.

‎Rikon ‎12-201

The 12-201 from RIKON will illuminate your workspace. By focusing the magnifying lens in the head, this strong LED workshop light can create 500 lumens of light, and the beam size may be adjusted to suit the task at hand. The gooseneck’s flexible 18-inch length allows it to be bent into any configuration to direct light exactly where you need it.

This flexible tool may be mounted on machines or anyplace in the workplace or at home thanks to the magnetic base, which adheres firmly on any steel surface. The light is powered by three AA batteries (not included), or it can be used with the USB cord and electrical outlet converter that are included (not included). This device has a side clip with a magnetic back for mounting choices on steel objects that are not included with the unit.


Our Magnetic LED Task Light is unbeatable when it comes to providing focused lighting exactly where you need it. You can easily adjust the brightness of the task lighting to suit your needs, and it comes with two ferrous docking ports and a steel clamping bracket that you can use to mount the light in strategic locations around your shop and move it from one location to another as you progress through the stages of your project.

You may also use it to attach it to anything else that is made of steel or iron, which are not difficult to come by in a wood shop. Because of the adjustable gooseneck, you may lower the light to reveal finishing and sanding defects while raising it to provide more even illumination. High and low settings, as well as flood and spot adjustments, allow even more customization.

The Rikon LED Gooeseneck Worklight is a 500-lumen LED light that can be magnetically attached to any Rikon bandsaw, small machine, drill press, or lathe to provide additional illumination. With a retractable magnetic side clip and an adjustable light focus, the worklight allows the user to alter the area of illumination required by pulling out the light and lens.

Rikon’s Gooseneck Worklight is powered by three AA batteries (not included), or it can be used with the USB cord and electrical outlet converter(not included).


  • Manufacturer ‎Rikon
  • Part Number ‎12-201
  • Item Weight ‎1.35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions ‎4 x 4 x 12 inches
  • Item model number ‎12-201
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
  • Item Package Quantity ‎1
  • Type of Bulb ‎LED
  • Batteries Included? ‎No
  • Batteries Required? ‎No
  • ASIN B01N4JC29W




LED Gooseneck Worklight

There are numerous applications for the Rikon LED Gooseneck Worklight with magnetic base and magnetic clip.

Small Machinest

On small machines, it is ideal for illuminating work areas on grinders, buffered scroll saws, and tabletop belt and disc sanders, among other things.

magnetic base and side clip

With its magnetic base and side clip with magnet, it may be used on drill presses and other steel surfaces. It can also be used on larder machinery and other steel surfaces.


The USB Port for the worklight comes with a USB connection that connects to regular phone chargers, allowing it to be used without batteries.

Adjustable Light

Light Focus That Can Be Adjusted You have the ability to pull out the light and lens in order to alter the region of lighting to meet your requirements.


  • Magnets have tremendous power.
  • It takes a powerful magnet to hold.
  • Excellent lighting, which is ideal for the saw.


  • Expensive

With a decent, strong magnet to hold it to something, the lamp has potential…but after that, things go south quickly. The battery holder was insufficiently large to handle the three batteries (energizers), and the lamp could not be used because of this. The usb plug, on the other hand, must be plugged in because it does not keep a charge. I would have given it a lower rating if it weren’t for the fact that the staff at Rikon’s help-desk were really kind and helpful in every way.

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