All You Need To Know About Chainsaw Mill Carriage

With a chainsaw mill, you can turn large logs of timber into useable planks and boards. Chainsaw mills are a fantastic way to process wood at home if you have a lot of fallen trees in your yard or want to process it yourself. Not only that, but hiring a professional miller would cost more money than you’ll save by doing it yourself

There are guiding rails attached to the chainsaw handle that make up the mill attachment. During the initial cut, the guides ride on a plank or ladder screwed to the log; afterwards, they ride on the already cut log surface and assist cut boards of varied thicknesses by keeping a consistent depth throughout the log.

There is a distance between rails and bar that defines the thickness, and that distance may be changed by moving either end of a mill attachment along a post. It’s critical that the rails extend past the ends of the log during usage so the cut has support the entire time.

One chainsaw is all that’s needed for small mills, and it may be operated by only one person. When operating a larger mill, two chainsaw power heads are required, one on either side of the attachment. A unique bar is required for this type of bigger mill so that the two chainsaw heads can be mounted at either end.

To cut 34-inch (86-cm) thick logs, a longer bar is required because of the greater diameter that can be accommodated by the shorter bar. In addition, an unique chain intended to produce rip cuts rather than the normal chainsaw chain for cross-cutting is used to waste less wood because of the kerf width.

Typically, during the initial cut, a pair of rails or a board is mounted to the log to serve as a reference surface for the mill attachment to guide it. Other commercially manufactured jigs, such as timberjigs, are also available for purchase. Cutting is done utilising the surface of the previous cut as a guide for the subsequent cuts.

When compared to the kerf of a bandsaw mill or circular saw, the kerf of a chainsaw cut is quite large. Using this method to saw numerous thin boards would result in substantial wastage if the log was used to cut a single beam or large piece of timber from it instead of several thin boards.

Purchased in comparison to other forms of portable sawmills, chainsaw mills have the advantage of being both the cheapest and most portable type of powered sawmill. As a result, they are popular among woodworkers who do not work professionally yet have access to falling timber.

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